Lickety Leap

This project; to design a series of activities which would bring back to life the ideas and concepts within the award winning Lickety Leap theatre project for nursery children after they had engaged in the theatre event itself; to encourage continuation of the imaginative play and making that the show inspired.

I focused on the different environments explored and the exquisitely simple set design of Ali McClauren.

Beginning with the stage itself, which we made in miniature, through each session we played in small and large scale,using craft materials and shadow puppetry and projection. Participants were enabled to teach their parents the small scale making processes at an end of project exhibition and sharing, so that families left with a Lickety Leap kit of animals and environments

I am fascinated with scale in all of my work and this project, with Lickety Spit's Director Virginia Radcliffe and her team was an absolute delight from start to finish


See more about the theatre project on Lickety Spit's website here

a comprehensive set of images documenting this project (stage, bog, sea,  cave, mountain) coming soon

Alice Betts