Artworks Fellowship with Artworks Alliance & Barbican Arts

In 2018, Director of North Edinburgh Arts, Kate Wimpress, & myself were recipients of an Artworks Alliance Fellowship, along side 4 other artist-organisation pairings from across Scotland. 

Over the course of the year we have been unpacking our participatory art practice; researching and developing a model for participation and co-production with adults.

The images here document part of the Creative Laboratory Days which took place at North Edinburgh Arts. Four local women were invited as co-researchers to spend the day in the kind of activities that are most often programmed for children. Together we considered whether shared creative process for adults, for its own sake, could be both richly rewarding and a sound starting point for co-production of art, events and Placemaking in this particular community.

The process and responses were resoundingly positive, informative and inspiring, and we are currently seeking funding for a major project to develop a co-produced program of events and artwork in, of and for Muirhouse, North Edinburgh.

More information about Artworks Alliance and the Artworks Fellowships here

Alice Betts